Emil Stabil is the bad boy of Nordic hip-hop.  With Extremely catchy hook lines, controversial lyrics and unique flows the Danish rapper force his audience to make an opinion of him; either you hate him or you love him. For the most part it is the last thing, making Emil Stabil one of the best-selling rappers in Denmark - with only a handful of releases.

Hits like “Er Det En Fugl” and “Swimmingpool” led the way up to the big break in 2015. The self titled (and self-released) debut EP “Emil Stabil” rocked the Album Chart Top 10 for more than 3 months, making a gold certificate for more than 10.000.000 streams and the platinum single “Allerede Is” was one of the biggest tunes of that year. What started as fun pastime in a basement in Aarhus with his mate Lil Producer, became a huge phenomenon on the Danish music scene.

Then things started to take of. Emil Stabil has played several big Nordic festivals like Roskilde Festival, Iceland Airwaves, Smukfest, Slottsfjell, Øyafestivalen, Grøn Koncert and many more. Emil Stabil won Awards for Best New Name and Hit Of The Year, 3 Danish Music Awards-nominations and serious airplay and touring in the whole of Scandinavia. In 2017 the single “Over Alt” was picked as Power Play on biggest Danish radio station P3 and once again securing space at the top of charts for the young Danish rapper.  

Emil Stabil has taken Danish hip-hop into new directions, and he insists on doing things his own way. He release music himself through Lil Label (a label-collective he made with Young Bong & Lil Producer) and in general he is a self-made artist who started out on Soundcloud and now is one of the defining voices on the scene.