Imagine the sound of a jukebox, a dimed bar, foamy beers, and the ups and downs of life interpreted by some of Denmark’s best known musicians and songwriters – this is what Humørekspressen is all about. Even though the band is brand new, they have already played Dansk Top Awards and other big TV-shows and #1 on Dansktoppen, following the debut album “En Lille Én”. Pharfar, Klumben, Chapper og Peter Lützen (Panamah) have joined forces to form a band, dedicated to create feel-good music inspired by the golden era of traditional Danish music from the 70’s.

All of the four members have an impressive background within the music and entertainment industry and have achieved platinum selling hits, prestigious awards and have had countless of stage performances. Their love and respect for traditional Danish music is clearly felt in their joint music venture.Humørekspressen is a band, where all the members sing and play instruments, and everything is performed live. They play every stage and they engage with every crowd. The joy of music as truly what they bring. The debut album “En Lille Én”, went straight to Top 3 and the singles “Godter På vej” and “Den Ensomme Kind” have been top charters on Dansktoppen.