Izzyy is a young Danish/Gambian singer from Avedøre. He was raised in a musical inferno where 2pac and Fela Kuti had a big impact on forming him as an artist. Izzyy delivers catchy Danish Afropop that makes any dance floor come alive all the way from Skagen to Capetown.

Although Izzyy is a new name on the Afropop scene, he has already released several hip hop tracks that has been streamed more than a million times altogether on Spotify. It is especially his single 'Ram Den Mil' that has gained the most attention from his fans, and the music video has been watched more than 1.5 million times on Youtube.

Izzyy has decided to expand his musical repertoire and develop himself as an artist. By embracing Afropop he is now inviting all of Denmark's boys and girls to set fire to the dance floor.