“The sharpest tongue of Dancehall” this is how Politiken, leading Danish newspaper, describes Kaka, one of the biggest dancehall stars in Denmark. Kaka is conquering Denmark with his charismatic flow, unique energy, his contagious smile and playful approach to life.

With several gold singles Kaka has established himself on the Danish scene making both reviewers and fans happy with his potent lyrics and energetic live performance. 

In 2007 Kaka got his debut on the music scene, live and online with various strongly popular YouTube clips and since then the expectations have been high. He has been collaborating with several well known artist before he chose to go solo.

In 2011 Wafande released his first single, ’Gi’ Mig Et Smil’, featuring Kaka. The song was the summer hit of the year and went platinum. 

The song became the biggest hit that summer and with the big demand from the underground it showed that a new talent would soon break through. 2011 was the year that Denmark really became aware of the new star. It was also that year where Kaka had his first solo release ’Mere Energi’, as a part of Pharfar and Fresh-I´s ’Alis Riddim’.

In the end of may 2012 Kaka´s first real single ’Bang Bang (Reggaejam)’ came out, as the first release on Donkey Recs! The single was very well received and became immediate ’Ugens Uungåelige’ (powerplay) on Denmark's most important radio channel DR P3, ’MAMAs kæledægge’ on DR Mama and MTV Fresh (powerplay) and the number raised high on the download charts. Kaka's debut EP, ‘KakaEP’ was released in August 20th 2012.

In 2013 Kaka received a gold certification for ’Bang Bang (Reggaejam)’, played a legendary show at this year's Roskilde Festival and have been touring with Donkey Sound at the biggest Danish concert tour Grøn Koncert. In November 2013 Kaka released "En Sidste Sang" which is his biggest hit to date - Topping the Airplay chart at #4 and streaming gold. In August 2015 Kaka released his second and very well reviewed EP “Eftervirkning”. Ex. Politikken wrote “The sharpest tongue of Dancehall”. In 2016 Kaka released his first full length album "Alle Kigger" getting 4 and 5 star reviews from some of the biggest Danish mainstream medias and made TV live performances on Tv2 & DR1.