Natasja Saad was born 1974 in Denmark and she was tragically killed in a car crash in Jamaica in June 2007.

In memory of its main creator; her family, co-workers and friends decided to release the music she recorded prior to her premature death. The album “I Danmark Er Jeg Født”, was released in August 2007 and Natasja also finished recordings for an English album before she passed away. The English (patois) language album is titled ‘Shooting Star’ and has guest artists like Beenie Man, Lexxus, Chappa Jan and Mukupa. The album will be released in various territories during fall 2008. Both albums has been finalized in accordance to the ideas and wishes Natasja expressed before she died, in regards to sound, presentation and visual artwork. Below text remains as it was at the time when Natasja died. Rest in peace dear Natasja!

Natasja brought Jamaican vibes to Denmark with her rough, unpolished and occasionally extremely beautiful voice. As the foremost dancehall queen based in Copenhagen, her unique ragga-rap attitude stuck out from the crowd and placed her in her own category.

Natasja was no newcomer to the music scene. It all began in the early 90’s when Natasja, Miss Mukupa and McEmzee introduced raggamuffin into Danish hip-hop with the group ‘No Name Requested’. The group enjoyed considerable success, but split up for various reasons.

Since then, Natasja has been performing and laying down verses with other musicians like Bass and Trouble, Dr. Baker, Inner Circle, Mukupa, Funk Star Deluxe, Caroline Henderson, DGP, and Clemens, not to forget her star appearance on ‘Cigar’ by Bikstok Røgsystem.

Natasja released her first solo album ‘Release’ in 2005 on Nuba Link / Playground Music. The album got lots of positive attention from the press and especially her characteristic voice was noticed and praised .The album was made in cooperation with the No. 1 Danish reggae producer, Pharfar, in addition to Madness4Real and Copenhaniacs.