We have selected and engaged in collaboration with artists that we consider to be some of the most talented and edgy musicians to come out of Denmark. Our objective is to make careers blossom in every aspect as caretakers of our artists interests. 

The founder of Musicall Management is Peter Ødegaard Skovsted, who has solid working experience in the music industry. Having been a music business professional since 1995 and working in various record labels such as EMI, Edel/Playground, Mega and Flex Records, he has been involved in the careers of several talented and successful artists. Before entering the record business, Peter was a well known DJ, spinning edgy beats in Denmark and internationally. Additionally he worked as record shop employee, music journalist, radio presenter, program director and party promoter over a period of years starting in 1987. 

Since the foundation of Musicall Management in 2001, we have worked with several partners; majors as well as indies: Universal Music, Playground Music, Zentropa Music, Fake Diamond, Copenhagen Records, Mermaid Records, Sony Music, SonyBMG, EMI/Parlophone, SPV, VME, Neuton, MFD, Edel, Warner, UR, Pschent, Varano Music, Radio Recordings, Ministry Of Sound, Lifted, DiscoWax, Get Physical, Ultra Records, Skandinavian, PDH, The Night Booking, Beatbox Booking, Prime Booking, Offbeat Booking, Showstoppers Empire, Big Tings Music, Yellokid, Soundquake, Buyreggae, Digidi, The Orchard, Beatport. iTunes, Phonofile, Google, Spotify, Youtube etc. During recent years Musicall’s activites has developed to adding a category-leading music company as well as a booking agency.

The Musicall crew consists of Peter Ødegaard Skovsted, Linus Ellesøe, Maha Gazee, Nafi Lisa Gravesen, Selina Sinkbæk Jensen, Jonas Westergaard, Kaylee Pearson, Bob Belyakov, Midde Willer, and a number of partners dedicated to various projects.