Only months after starting out, Pattesutter quickly caught the attention of the rap underground with his uncompromising music; is a mixture of trance-like, trap-hip hop production combined with unique and playful rhymes always being provocative and lyrics delivered with ease, ''I freestyle all my lyrics - I hate to think about if it sounds cool or not, it just have to sound cool when I freestyle it'' Pattesutter states.

His controversial style and anthem songs like "Det Ka’ Du Ik" and “Madonna” (simultaneously #1 and #2 on Spotify Viral) have led the way for numerous gigs, a documentary film on Danish Broadcasting Corporation and a performance at the Zulu Awards. Pattesutter produces all of his own music himself and was discovered by one of Denmark's leading rap-labels, Lil Label and joined forces with the rest of the team consisting of Emil Stabil, Young Bong and Lil Producer.