Wafande is a French/Danish/African urban singer. Wafande has conquered the Danish scene with several gold and platinum releases, hundreds and hundreds of shows and big primetime TV appearances. Wafande is a true leader and his main object is to spread the positive vibe from the stage, making him a very famous face in Denmark. His approach to music and life is to meet everyone and everything with a smile even though he has experienced life from it’s toughest sides. These factors are reflected in his songs.

In 2011 Wafande made his debut in Danish with the release of ’Lang Vej Hjem’ on Donkey Sounds ’Alis Riddim’ and since with #1, platinum selling ’Gi’ Mig Et Smil’ that got more than 3 million views on Youtube alone. The single was the hit of the summer and went #1 on the charts. With producers Donkey Sound, Wafande recorded his debut album with Stine Kink, Xander and Kaka as guest vocalists. The debut album ’Du Ved Det’ was released by Universal Music in 2011 and the album went top 5 on the chart and has been certified with a gold album for more than 20.000 units. In march 2012 Wafande had yet another #1 hit and once more he got a platinum record with the song ’En Anden’ featuring Xander.

In june 2012 Wafande released his third single ’Uartig’, once again a great summer hit from Wafande and Donkey Sound, selling 2 x platinum. 

In 2014 Wafande released his second album “Nyt Land” with the smash hit “Django (Klar På Noget Dumt?)” which was certified gold the same year.

In 2015 Wafande released the EP "Grand Danois" with the hit single "Himlen For Mig Selv" going straight to 'Ugens Uundgåelige' on P3 (powerplay) and topped the charts for weeks. Same year Wafande started his new project Black Dylan with producer Nuplex reaching the international scene.  

Wafande is a very familiar face on Danish TV from his appearances as a coach on "Voice Junior" in every season since the beginning of the show, and the music show “Toppen Af Poppen" both on TV2.